to a space where you can exhale and enjoy healing harp music that calms the mind, relaxes the body, and gently soothes the soul.  Click the "Play Arrow" below to begin. 

Our Gift to You 
When you click the player below, 23 minutes of beautiful therapeutic solo harp music begins. 

The Magic Mirror, and has been shown to support brainwave and immune system function. We are sharing this music here to help those who could benefit from listening, anytime, day or night.  


This Gift is a Preview of over 2 hours of Healing Harp Music available to purchase and download as one single track.

Over 2 Hours of Healing Harp Music

Amy Camie, Certified Clinical Musician

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Over 2 Hours of Healing Harp Music

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Over 2 hours of beautiful therapeutic solo harp music to relax your body, calm your mind and gently soothe your soul. This single download includes 3 full CDs ~ "The Magic Mirror" - "Spiral In Time" - "Love's Gentle Embrace"

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The Healing Harp Music download contains 3 full albums for you to enjoy: 

This music has helped thousands of people relax, sleep, and feel a sense of peace and calm by reducing pain, distress, and anxiety.   

Purchase and download to experience over 2 hours of continuous therapeutic solo harp music that wraps you in a soft blanket of sound, cradling you in love's gentle embrace. 

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A sampling of how this music changes lives... 

"Amy, your music takes me to deep places within and places I’ve never been!" ~ K.L 


"Amy, God writes a gospel not in the Bible alone; but also on trees, on the flowers and clouds, on the face of a little child and in your music." ~ Sister Joan 


Your gift of music is such a healing experience for all of us.  May the angels continue to lead you through the light!! ~ Affectionately, Sister Annette 


"You touch others in such a deep place with your music...because it comes from such a deep place inside of you." ~ Marti S. 


"I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner & Pharmacist. I play your music during my EEM sessions & consider it better than Xanax. Thanks for your effort! God gave you a beautiful gift & you use it well." ~  Blessings, Laura B. 


"Just want to say your music has been a blessing in our lives (my wife and I). I bought her The Magic Mirror when she was going through breast cancer treatment. She listened to it every night to ease her fears and sleep. It was a blessing." ~ Blessings, Chris 


"The Miracle of Your Music" - Gary has been dealing with increased panic attacks, feeling as if he is suffocating and the walls are closing in on him. These panic attacks have happened for about 8 years, but were few and far between. Now they come every day and night in waves of physical and emotional misery. He can't sleep, not even if he sits in a recliner. So what can he do? Amy, the ONLY thing that helps is your music! I play the CD on a loop in the bedroom and he is able to sleep. He is completely in a deep sleep. This is so wonderful! I know that this is helping his mind and body heal from these panic attacks. I know that your music is the best medicine for soothing the scars of his heart and soul. Your inspiration is a gift to all of us who are touched by your music and your sweet spirit. I am so very grateful to you. You are an inspiring example to the world." ~ Toni G.

More gratitude from those who have experienced this music

Download Supportive Research

Effect of Specific Music on Psychoneuroimmunological Responses "The results of these studies suggest that listening to The Magic Mirror solo harp CD can be used in combination with other therapy for cancer or physiologically stressed patients to reduce the magnitude and duration of the effect of their disease."
Waheed A, Kossor D, Collins W, Camie A (2018) Effect of Specific Music on Psychoneuroimmunological Responses. Int J Oncol Res 1:012.
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