Amy Camie - The Healing Harpist

Amy Camie, CCM is a Certified Clinical Musician, Professional & Therapeutic Harpist, Speaker, Author, Educator, and Co-Initiator of The ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery.

As a pioneer in the field of harp therapy, Amy has co-authored several studies exploring how her solo harp music increases brainwave function, supports the immune system, and reduces pain and anxiety levels. 

In fresh and empowering Keynotes and Presentations, Amy loves combining therapeutic music, a clear understanding of vibrational resonance, and Life Lessons learned during her 2 journeys with breast cancer to expand perceptions of self-care, self-discovery and self-expression. 

Amy's music is used throughout the country in hospitals, cancer centers and hospices as well as for general relaxation and stress reduction.

Her inspired music relaxes the body, calms the mind, and gently touches the soul. As one woman said, "You touch others in such a deep place with your music because it comes from such a deep place inside of you." 

I love sharing expanding perceptions about self-care, self-discovery, and self-expression.

This video is an opening presentation for artists, musicians and other creatives.

It's full of insights ~ Highways of Connection, Sympathetic Vibration, The Healing Power of Metal Music ... and so much more!


I've been very busy over the last 30 years!
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A Little More Background


With two music teachers as parents, I naturally began music early with pianos lessons in kindergarten and harp lessons in the fourth grade.   High school was filled with many wonderful musical experiences including traveling to Europe with the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra; performing on Mackinac Island as the Grand Hotel Harpist; being named Illinois' Junior Miss and Overall Talent Winner at America's Junior Miss Scholarship Competition and the Miss Illinois Pageant, plus numerous awards.


I'm a 1987 Telecommunications graduate of Indiana University where I studied harp with two of the most respected teachers in the country, Susanne McDonald and Linda Wood.


After graduation, I returned home to Godfrey, IL and performed professionally throughout the St. Louis metro. area for private and social functions, as well as with many area orchestras including the St. Louis Symphony, St. Louis Bach Society, Masterworks Chorale, Belleville Philharmonic, Alton Symphony Orchestra and the Kirkwood Symphony.


In 1992, I married my best friend and soulmate, John Camie, and began a new phase of musical expression as a video editor and events coordinator for our production company, West End Productions, Inc.  In 1995, I was the Music Director for the pilot television program, "Weddings of a Lifetime," taped in the Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Our family moved to Orlando, Florida where I performed for private events on the Disney World property and was the orchestral harpist for the 1997 Christmas Candlelight Massed Choir and Processional at EPCOT Theme Park.


During this time, my reflective spiritual journey deepened as John and I began manifesting his gift of The Origin Methodology of Self-Discovery


Upon returning to St. Louis with our family in 2000, I entered the next phase of musical expression through solo harp recordings. The first two CDs were inspired by a close family friend and my father - both diagnosed with cancer.  As a classically trained musician, I rarely thought about the healing power of music. However, a spark was ignited when people began sharing what they experienced when listening to this music.  Doors opened and William Collins, PhD., a psychologist and neurotherapist in St. Louis, offered to measure brainwave frequencies of people as they listened to the CDs. 


In 2001, I attended the 2nd Annual Harp Therapy Conference where I met many of the pioneers in this newly emerging field. I felt relieved and inspired knowing there were other harpists intuitively playing in such a way as to bring peace, comfort, and healing to patients. These were the harpists who were called to share music in the way I was being drawn to research. As a result of that conference, a vision for a National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians  was created and manifested.


In 2002, to continue the quest of music and healing, I founded the Scientific Arts Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports the value of creative expression through research, education and community outreach programs. The foundation conducted QEEG brainwave pilot studies with five patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Results indicated that listening to “The Magic Mirror” CD once a day for 10 days increased neurological functioning and reduced anxiety levels. Additional saliva sample pilot studies were conducted indicating a sustained impact on immune system biomarkers for up to 72 hours after listening to this CD once. We authored a medically approved clinical trial that was never implemented due to lack of funding. 


In December 2010, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and began My Journey to Love, using “The Magic Mirror” CD every step of the way. In December 2012, I was diagnosed a second time and shortly afterwards published the book, “Loving Life…all of it – A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness.”


Over the years, several more studies have been conducted with my music as people around the world share testimonials of how they experience peace, comfort, and healing from listening to the music. 


In 2018, while developing a second clinical trial with Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis, MO, I went through formal training to become a Certified Clinical Musician through the NSBTM certified program, Harp for Healing. (The clinical trial was IRB approved, but due to lack of funding, was closed on October 15, 2021)


I have presented hundreds of Presentations and Keynotes for local, regional and national audiences on the healing power of music, resonance, and conscious self-care. I love inspiring participants to embrace the fullness of who they are through self-care, self-discovery, and self-expression. 


My deep spiritual connection with John inspires all of my original music. A friend once said, "You touch others in such a deep place with your music...because it comes from such a deep place inside of you."  


John and I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri and have two wonderful sons, Christopher and Justin.